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Join us Thursday, Sept. 18 – Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014

at Cinnamon Shore, Mustang Island, Texas

$650 Early Bird Registration 

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Feeling tired of conferences?  Bored with workshops?  Up for something more integrated than a retreat?  Maybe you are ready for a new kind of experience!  A collaborative vacation that you co-create with other emergent thinkers and those who know how to play deeply!


Imagine    a yummy vacation in a beautiful place with other incredibly conscious people, but instead of losing momentum and becoming a sunburned beach potato, you experience an event that delivers an opportunity to connect, create and collaborate.

Envision   a conference, full of stimulating information and brilliant concepts, but instead of finding yourself exhausted at the end of a day in a stale hotel environment, you experience a juicy, full body plunge into the experience of energetic awareness.

Now  feel  the relaxing exhale of a gracious retreat, but instead of separating from “real life”, you experience a deep, playful kick-ass experience of presence.

Finally,  picture   a powerful workshop, training or seminar, but instead of a deep dive into shadows or “how-to” lists, you experience a high-frequency, liberating four days where hats come off and masks disappear naturally.

All of this is in a playful summer camp format, but instead of rustic and bare basics, we have chosen comfy and luxurious with sophisticated seaside cottages, gourmet food and beach umbrellas.

So what on earth is a Collaboratori anyway?

Glad you asked.

A Collaboratori is a new kind of experience that combines all of the stuff you love from a vacation, regular conference, workshop or retreat PLUS playful collaboration into a delightfully fresh adventure – all in a beautiful setting.
A Collaboratori is a collaborative upswelling of energy – a double torus ring. The constant unfolding and enfolding that is the energetic pattern of our Universe. (Google “torus”, it is amazing!) When it is a balanced form of torus (masculine/feminine; positive/negative poles -like the earth), it is the plural of torus – or tori.
A Collaboratori is highly conscious community – unfolding like the koru fern leaf. Creating itself anew each and every moment. From the worlds of spirituality, business, science, technology, entertainment and art comes diversity, elegance and the possibility to create an exquisitely kick-ass field of like-minded emergent thinkers.
A Collaboratori is a playful convergence of brilliant minds, willing bodies and curious spirits where we simply enjoy the expression of who we really are and see what the heck we can create together.

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A Typical Collaboratori Day!

7:00                Early risers – meditation on the beach 8:00 – 8:45      Breakfast in the cafe or in your condo 9:00 – 12:00    Breakout sessions 12:00 – 1:15    Lunch at the Crazy Wisdom Cafe 1:30 – 5:00       Siesta time/ Collaboration Cafe/or choice of off-site activities 6:30 – 7:30      Dinner at Lisabella’s 7:30 – 9:30      Creative Convergence on the Great Lawn 10:00               Night Owls Bonfire on the beach

Save $100 with early bird registration of $650 until August 5th!

Add your lodging below.

Lodging Options

Remember how summer camp was “all for one and one for all”? Well, at Collaboratori Texas, we also have shared accommodations. They just come in more flavors with a lot more style! And you only need to bring your own beach towel, we’ve got the rest covered. We will be living in truly exceptional seaside “cottages” and brand new condos with full kitchens and amenities all just a short walk from the beach. Each home is unique and tastefully decorated with spacious living rooms, awash with natural light and graced with at least one covered porch.

Early bird registration is $650 plus we’ve arranged for premium housing at easy-on-your-wallet pricing. Pick the option below that works best for you.

Shared Room

Bunks or twin $300 total for 3 nights Per person

Private Room

King or Queen $600 total for 3 nights Per room

Shared Room

Sharing king or queen w/friend No Extra Lodging Charge Give us the name of person that has booked the Private room.


For local participants. No extra lodging charge.  

Delightful coastal dining

Who wouldn't want that?

Your registration fee includes:

  • dinner every night at Lisabella’s Restaurant,
  • snacks every day
  • plus a group lunch on Friday.

You and your new friends will be on your own for the rest of the meals, but there are plenty of choices. A brand new café is on-site by Kierra’s Pool to serve breakfast and lunch every day. There are also several choices of restaurants and grocery stores in nearby Port Aransas. And every “cottage” or condo has an incredibly beautiful kitchen, complete with all the counter tops that you could ever need. So feel free to bring your own groceries and snacks as well.

No telling what kind of creative dishes this group will dream up!

Travel Logistics

We are thrilled to be holding the first Collaboratori in the beautiful seaside community of Cinnamon Shore. Sunset At The BeachArrival is on Thursday, Sept. 18th from 2:30 – 6:30. No worries if you will be later, we’ll be there to help you get settled in. Our Collaboratori will wrap up at noon on Sunday, Sept. 21st. Cinnamon Shore is perfectly situated on the pristine beaches of Mustang Island, a virtually undiscovered Gulf Coast jewel. Offering 18 miles of dune-crested shoreline, world-class fishing and boating, and one of the country’s best bird-watching destinations, Mustang Island is an unspoiled paradise for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts alike. Only minutes from Cinnamon Shore is the historic fishing town of Port Aransas, a hub for coastal activity, dining, shopping and entertainment. And just a mile from the community is the new Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course at Palmilla. The address is 5009 State Highway 361, Port Aransas, TX 78373

It is a 3.5 hour drive from either Houston or Austin and a quick 30 – minute hop from the international airport in Corpus Christi, which is served by Southwest, American and United.  There is a local landing strip in Port Aransas if you happen to be arriving by private hot air balloon or Lear Jet. Just drop us an email if you would like more help with your travel plans.

Ok! So you're ready to go where you've never been before, right?

Arrive Thursday afternoon (3 – 5 p.m.) and depart Sunday at noon.

As a Collaboratori participant you get:


  • 3 days of awesome activities that are all designed to be connective, co-creative and exquisitely conscious,
  • Delivered by at least 8 masterful breakout presenters (list is growing),
  • 3 evening dinners, and one hosted lunch,
  • 3 days of a deep, playful experience of Presence –  in real time, in your body,
  • 3 days of rest and relaxation balanced with stimulation and excitement – that you can help create,
  • 3 days of powerful personal and business connections,
  • 3 nights of super-fun shared accommodations,
  • 3 days of you experiencing yourself emerging – at the beautiful Texas coast,
  • Opening evening welcome plus the powerful 8-Minute Ripple,
  • 2 more evenings of inspiring and lively Creative Convergences,
  • Late night activities like a bonfire on the beach, drinks at Lisabella’s or music circle on the Great Lawn,
  • Sunday weaving ceremony that prepares us to integrate back into the world at large, and
  • A chance to learn how to let life unfold with uncommonly good, new friends who are playing at a high level of mastery. 

Obviously, this event is priceless – but even for overly left-brain thinkers, it is still quite a value! We have also negotiated some pretty sweet rates for your lodging (see lodging section to determine your choices for housing before you register.)

And on top of that, we are offering a special registration at the reduced rate of $650 for the first 35 attendees!! (That’s an extra $100 off the full tuition of $750.) This discount expires after August 5th or when the first 35 spots are gone, whichever comes first.

Don't delay. Space is limited.

Register now to book your space for our September 18th – 21st,  high-frequency, liberating three+ days at Collaboratori Texas!.
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