Collaboratori Conversations – a free series

Hi Everyone,

As all of the presenters are getting ready for Collaboratori Texas on Sept 18 – 21st, we wanted to share some of our excitement and collaborative juice with everyone – even those who cannot attend the live event.

Creating something new and original takes time for people to catch the vision and the possibility. Most people cannot even say Collaboratori yet or fully grasp how a truly collaborative event unfolds.

And even though technology is pretty darn amazing these days, we haven’t yet seen how to create the same deep experience of presence over the phone: you can’t smell the ocean, taste the seafood, build a sandcastle with friends or play kids games for instance.

But we may have done the next best thing. We have designed a way to give you a little taste of the people that we are bringing together! You can experience their wisdom, interact with their open heartedness and feel their incredible attention with this series of mini workshops over the next few weeks.

Join us for a series of engaging calls with Collaboratori founder Nogie King and the presenters of Collaboratori Texas. Come see what all of the excitement is about. Each call is an hour long and we can promise you will leave with some practical takeaways.

If you are ready to move beyond trying, pushing, forcing, arguing, demanding, manipulating or figuring it out and instead practice the art of allowing, of letting go and of trust in a real and practical way, then you are likely to enjoy this free series.

Our first call is with Judith Manriquez about The Art of Mastery and how to listen with our Souls as we grow our businesses and take action in the real world. 

Judith is an empath with a strong marketing and public affairs background. She is a whiz with branding, positioning, product development, web development, strategy and just about everything you can imagine about the latest and greatest in online business. But what she is sharing with us is a conversation about business as a living extension of you – your dreams, desires and inspiration. About business as energy, emotion and passion. About how to harness the duality between inner-spiritual knowing and business smarts, so that you can take inspired action.

Here is a list of all of the upcoming calls that are currently scheduled. They will all be recorded, so simply register for the series and we will email you the links and numbers that you need to call in to join us live or to retrieve the recordings.  Feel free to join for the whole series or pop in as available. Check back often to see more details and calls as they are scheduled. All times are Central.

  • Wed., Aug.13th, 10:00 A.M. - The Art of Mastery with Judith Manriquez
  • Fri., Aug 15th, 7:00 P.M. - Intuitive Healing with Patricia Doyen
  • Mon. Aug 18th, 7 P.M. - Dancing with an Open Heart with Kristine Maltrud
  • Wed., Aug. 20th, 1:00 P.M. - Yoga Play with Lauren Buck
  • Fri., Aug 29th at 10 A.M. - KINS: Getting the Gain without Pain – A New Paradigm Collaboration Tool with Marilyn Levin

Click Here to Register For Collaboratori Conversations

We will send you everything you need to join us for the call live and the link for downloading the conversations later. We will also send you reminders before each call with a description of the topic and a bio of the presenter.

Hope you can join us for this taste of the Collaboratori!

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