Yoga Play

Yoga Play

What’s a get away weekend without yoga? But be forewarned, ours just might come with a little extra twist.

This session combines improv + yoga in an incredibly light, fun and insightful three hours. It’s a deep, playful, kick-ass experience of presence. You might have never done anything like it, but we’re pretty sure that you will want to do it again and again.

YogaPlay combines yoga with basic improv games to give you a direct experience of what it feels like to be totally, fully present. As in, completely in your body. Inner critic blissfully silenced. No separation between you and play.

Of course, we have all probably experienced this at some point. But can we experience it at will? We can — by finding + sharpening these tools, or “presence muscles”:

  • deep listening

  • saying yes to what is

  • leaning into your edge

  • sharing control + taking risk

  • awakening to energy flow

Learn how to dial back that constant judging + planning in your mind, and learn some real-life tools to usher in the presence and playfulness that is your birthright.

Led by Lauren Zinn Buck.

Lauren Zinn Buck teaches yoga and improv because they have both been transformational in her own life, and her passion is helping people become more present + focused too. She’s been practicing yoga + improv for a combined 25 years: Her yoga classes connect feet to floor (well, sometimes hands to floor), breath to body, and mind to present moment. This is where the improv toolbelt comes in handy — like yoga, it’s a practice of quieting the mind and relaxing into the present to create work that looks incredible, but is actually effortless. A ride.

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July 7, 2014