Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement is an expressive improvisational movement practice that allows a group of participants a type of free association of the body. It is a powerful way to integrate your heart, soul and physical body.

This session is led by Art Spark founder, Kristine Maltrud.

kristineKristine Maltrud is a life-long dance and theater artist as well as a strategic business builder.  She engages communities, artists and creative people with the practice of Authentic Movement, which she has studied for over 30 years.  Kristine is the founder and CEO of ArtSpark -  an initiative connecting artists, artisans, designers and other creatives to online and in-person resources with the goal of   sustainable careers. ArtSpark is active in New Mexico (Albuquerque and Silver City) and in the San Francisco Bay Area, in partnership with technology and training experts at Aspiration in San Francisco.  Kristine lives close to the beautiful Rio Grande river in Albuquerque with her husband, Charles, and quirky feline, Topaz.

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July 7, 2014